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Creating the Music for RASH - Killer Instinct Season 3

Tom Salta (aka Atlas Plug) & Celldweller have officially announced they are scoring  Killer Instinct: Season 3, releasing late March 2016.


Celldweller and Atlas Plug take you into the studio for an exclusive look and listen to how they took the iconic Battletoads theme song and gave it the Killer Instinct “Ultra Combo” treatment.


Giving you another sneak peek behind the scenes, Atlas Plug & Celldweller take you through their studios as they create the music for Kim Wu.






Recording under the artist name “Atlas Plug,” Tom Salta released the critically acclaimed electronic / orchestral music album “2 Days or Die” which quickly caught the attention of leading music supervisors. His album introduced a new hybrid sound to the visual entertainment industry at large, garnering high-profile placements on numerous television shows on ABC, CBS, MTV, NBC as well as national commercials and movie trailers (Spider-Man, Toy Story, Harry Potter) and simultaneously launched his music career in video games.

Photo By: Enid Alvarez

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